Adjustable Beds

Buying Guide

An adjustable bed is designed to offer you complete comfort and independence at home. Having an electric adjustable bed at home can help to support you with your mobility, as well as providing you with the unique comfort and support that you need to get a good night’s sleep. The fully adjustable bed frame allows you to change the position of the bed to support your individual requirements; whether you need to raise your legs or head or simply adjust the frame to make it easier to get in and out of bed. Our team at Livewell has handpicked our adjustable bed range, which have all been handcrafted in UK to guarantee you a five-star quality bed, meaning you can live well today and every day.

This week we took delivery of two Messalina adjustable beds and we are highly delighted with them, for both quality and comfort. We opted for the 'white glove' service and the operatives were polite, efficient and did a really good job of erecting the beds and clearing up the packaging afterwards.

Which Adjustable Bed Should I Buy?

We have two main types of adjustable beds available at Livewell so thinking about how you will be using your bed will help you select the best option for you:

  • Do you require a double bed for you and your partner?
  • Would you like to be able to operate the mattress frames separately?
  • Would you like your new adjustable bed to fit in with your current home décor?
  • Will you be or are you buying for someone who is bed bound?
  • Do you require the bed to be height adjustable?

Adjustable Electric Beds

Our adjustable electric bed range has been designed to provide you with support and comfort whilst fitting in with your home décor. The frames on these beds are fully adjustable in five key sections; head, neck & shoulders, back, legs & feet.

They are available in single or double options allowing you to use alone or share with a partner. If you will be sharing the bed you can opt for a standard double (4ft) where the mattress is operated as a whole or you may prefer to have your own space or even have different requirements to your partner, for this one of our king-size (5ft) or super-king (6ft) beds will be the perfect choice for you. In the larger bed options, the bed has two completely independent mattress sections allowing you to adjust the position to your own preference.

How do I choose my Adjustable Electric Bed?

The best way to decide on which bed from our adjustable electric bed range is best for you is to decide on your mattress option. 

Reflex Foam Mattress

Our reflex foam mattresses are rated as firm. They are (6”) 20cm thick and made up of a high-density responsive foam that provides both support and firmness.

Reflex foam is made up tiny holes that slightly adapt to your body shape, but bounce back against you at the same time. Our Reflex mattress is naturally hypoallergenic and gives an excellent weight distribution, promoting excellent spinal alignment.

View our Reflex Foam options

Memory Foam Mattress

Our memory foam mattresses are rated as medium to firm. A thicker mattress made up of 8'' (20cm) of high quality foam are made very similar to a reflex foam mattress with the difference of the tiny holes being spread further apart to give you a slightly softer feel.

View our Memory Foam options

Profiling Beds

A profiling bed is designed for someone who is going to be spending a lot of time in bed or their mobility needs specifically requires a bed that is height adjustable. Our profiling beds bring you an electric hospital bed that can be used in the comfort of your own home or in a long-term care environment to keep you as comfortable and independent as possible.

They can be used with our specialist mattresses and are height adjustable so the bed can be raised and lowered for an easier transfer to and from the bed.

Bought for my father who has a medical condition....he loves this bed...all the features of a hospital bed without the rails and the look....double so plenty of room for him...helps us get him in and out of bed and so comfortable...should have bought it years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your adjustable beds include everything that I need to use it?

Yes, all our adjustable beds are supplied complete with the base, adjustable frame, mattress and accompanying retention bars to ensure the mattress remains in place during use. The hand control is supplied ready to use once the motor connection has been plugged in to power source at the wall. Headboards are sold separately and can be purchased as part of the order using the option drop-down menu.

How are your adjustable beds delivered?

All our adjustable beds are delivered in their original packaging that includes strong internal padding to ensure the parts do not move during transit and delivery, and encased in durable, heavy-duty outer casing. Standard courier delivery includes a kerb-side service to your address but not directly to the front door or into the house. This is typical of heavy-goods couriers due to the item weight and is also provided by many other online mobility retailers to provide customers with a quick delivery option for urgent needs. To make life easier, we can provide a professional assembly service; this is highly recommended for adjustable beds.

Are your adjustable beds easy to assemble?

Not really but this is always a tough one and entirely down to the delivery environment and personal capability. Our adjustable beds are delivered as one very large parcel including the base, adjustable frame and mattress – frequently strapped to a pallet for additional security and safety during transportation. Keep in mind that the total weight of this parcel is often in excess of 90-130kg (195-285lb) – the equivalent of a new-born elephant! Whilst this is made up of three lighter, individual sections, the size of the bed itself can often cause challenges when trying to manoeuvre it into your home. Whilst you don’t need any tools or DIY experience, we strongly recommend getting two people to assemble an adjustable bed, which can be completed within 30 minutes.

Regardless of the size, we offer a professional assembly service on all our electric beds if you’re looking to keep things simple and safe.

Can you remove my old bed?

Yes, please select this option when choosing your delivery options in the checkout under ‘Professional Assembly + Removal’ (additional charge per item applies). Our transport team may request additional details from you when they call to arrange delivery. We understand that the old item may need to be removed first before we can install the replacement so please provide as much information as possible to help us reduce any inconvenience to you on the day of delivery.

Can I start using the new adjustable bed straight away?

Yes, once you have carefully unpacked and assembled your adjustable bed, you can plug it into a suitable plug socket and you’re ready to go! We always recommend reading through your user manual first to familiarise yourself with the electric bed’s features and any safety precautions. This can be particularly important if you expect to be using the adjustable bed near young children or pets.

What happens if my adjustable bed develops a fault?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible – we’re here to help. We know how important your adjustable bed is to you and we’re here to ensure that any potential issues are investigated and resolved quickly to minimise any inconvenience. We have a dedicated team of people who can provide hands-on technical support either over the phone or through email. This process can often alleviate many common faults and gets you back up and running as soon as possible. We will need you to be with the adjustable bed when you contact us and available to talk through some simple diagnostic questions. In more severe cases where the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we can instruct a qualified engineer to investigate the issues and aim to provide a resolution on-site. This is covered in your warranty in line with our return’s conditions, dependent upon the age of the electric bed when the issue is raised.

How long is the warranty on this adjustable bed?

We provide a 3-year warranty with all our Livewell adjustable beds delivered within the UK. All our adjustable bed warranties cover the cost of replacement OEM parts, engineer labour time and callout within the initial period in line with our return’s conditions, dependent upon the age of the electric bed when the issue is raised.